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“Amsterdam’s Arts”

Amsterdam has produced some amazing talent across the entire spectrum of the Arts, some familiar, some virtually unknown – and some, until now, that you had no idea had “hometown connections”.  Discover those connections and meet some of Amsterdam’s actors, artists, musicians, dancers, writers and other practitioners of the arts in the Historic Amsterdam League’s 10th and largest (56 pages) addition to the Amsterdam book series celebrating the culture, history, and heritage of our city.  Includes special gallery section with eight full color pages of works by local artists.

Professionally produced and printed, this year’s 56 page Arts booklet, as with every HAL book, is all images, articles, stories, memories, and information – no commercial advertisements or filler. A worthy addition to the HAL Amsterdam series.

Don’t be disappointed – when they’re gone, they’re history.





The 2021 Amsterdam’s Arts booklets are currently available at

The Walter Elwood Museum, 100 Church Street,


The Local Peddler and Bakery, 175 Church Street

in Amsterdam,

and directly by mail from the

Historic Amsterdam League.

Mail Orders

Amsterdam’s Arts booklets may also be ordered by mail


for $14.00 each, postage and tax included,


directly from HAL by sending your order and payment to:


Historic Amsterdam League

P.O. Box 132

Amsterdam, NY 12010


Please E-mail for quote prior to ordering multiple booklets sent to the same address as postage savings may be applicable.





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