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“Heart of Amsterdam Station”

Special Cancellation Sets


In conjunction with the Heart of Amsterdam tours on May 21st, 2011 the United States Postal Service offered a special limited 2-hour cancellation featuring graphics commemorating the anniversary of Amsterdam’s 125th year as a city and the “Heart of Amsterdam Station” designation.  This was a one time opportunity for collectors as the cancellation stamp shown below used for this event will not be used again.


The Historic Amsterdam League is pleased to be able to offer an extremely limited number of postcard sets with the collector’s cancellation.  These cards are stamped and canceled and are therefore not suitable for mailing, but are intended as a special addition to your collection.  Due to the nature of the event, once these sets are gone there will be no additional sets offered.  Complete sets of stamped and canceled cards (1 each of all 6 designs) may be ordered for $16.00 per set, postage, tax, and handling included, exclusively from HAL by sending your order and payment to:

Historic Amsterdam League

P.O. Box 132

Amsterdam, NY 12010


Sorry, but individual canceled cards are not available.

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