We apologize to all of our friends and supporters for not being able to do “Ghosts of the Past” this year, but there was just too much risk and uncertainty for everyone involved to take the chance.  But we have conjured up something else for you.  Something that many of you have been asking for for a long time.



The Historic Amsterdam league is pleased to introduce the latest addition to the HAL library,

Ghosts of the Past 2012-2019

At 52 pages, this is the largest HAL booklet to date.  It is similar to the other publications which HAL has produced in our neighborhood tour companion booklet series in that it is all text, photos, and information – no advertisements.  In addition to providing a “yearbook” of all of the Green Hill “residents” visited on the tours through the years (a perennially requested item by tour goers), in it are also a full list of the yearly casts, a brief synopsis of each year’s tour theme, and features such as cemetery maps, gravesite coordinates and photos, and QR (Quick Response) codes to support self guided tours.  Articles on Green Hill Cemetery itself include its creation, unusual monuments, unwelcome visitors, and forgotten features.  Learn a bit more about someone you “met”, discover what they really looked like, find the hidden meaning in memorial decorations, or take that tour you missed now (from your recliner) – everything for you to do this and more is in Ghosts of the Past 2012-2019.

A great holiday gift, and one you can be sure they don’t already have!


Ghosts of the Past 2012-2019 is currently available in Amsterdam at

The Local Peddler and Bakery, 175 Church Street,

The Walter Elwood Museum, 100 Church Street,


Damiano’s Flowers, 2 Hewitt Street

and directly by mail from the

Historic Amsterdam League.

Mail Orders

Ghosts of the Past 2012-2019 may be ordered by mail

for $14.00 each*, postage and tax included,

directly from HAL by sending your order and payment to:

Historic Amsterdam League

P.O. Box 132

Amsterdam, NY 12010

*Note: Please E-mail for a quote prior to ordering quantities greater than two (2) as postage savings may be possible.

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